Multifunctional Optical Materials Group

Clara Bujalance

Multifunctional Optical Materials Group
Institute of Materials Science of Sevilla
Spanish National Research Council
c/ Américo Vespucio, 49. 41092 – Sevilla
tel: +34 954 489 500 ext 909235

Research Interests

Photonic Architectures Light-matter interactions in optical cavities
– Multilayer structures
– Optical cavities
– Composite materials including organic dyes
– Strong coupling
– Weak coupling
– Modification of the absorption spectrum of dielectric materials

Author Identifiers

ResearcherID: AAV-4729-2020
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-2531-6269

Work Experience

– – date. Research student, Multifunctional Optical Materials Group, Institute of Materials Science of Seville, Spain.


– 09/2016–07/2017. ERASMUS Fellowship, at the Radboud University (Nijmegen, The Netherlands).
– 10/2018–03/2019. Pregrad internship at the company Nano-Tech (Ancona, Italy).


– 10/2019–07/2020. MSc. Degree, Science and Technology of New Materials, University of Seville, Spain.
– 09/2014–09/2019. BSc. degree, Physics, University of Córdoba, Spain.