The Multifunctional Optical Materials Group of the Institute of Materials Science of Seville is devoted to the development of new photonic structures in which several other functionalities are combined. Materials design, preparation, and characterization, as well as device integration, are all performed within the group to yield a full approach to the problems addressed and give rise to creative solutions. The group comprises a team of materials chemists and physicists that cover all different aspects involved, ranging from the synthesis of nanomaterials to the simulation of the electro-optical performance of devices.

Ultrafast annealed phosphors & collective plasmonic resonances for efficient and tuned emission

Check our recent Chem. Commun. about high-temperature fast processing of phosphors films to achieve efficient and transparent films that are compatible with arrays of aluminium nanodisks for modified emission...

Nanoantennas Patterned by Colloidal Lithography for Enhanced Nanophosphor Light Emission

We just published our work in nanophosphor enhanced emission via coupling with metallic nanoantenna arrays patterned by colloidal lithography in ACS Appl. Nano Mater.

Determination of Optical Constants of Ligand-free Organic Lead Halide Perovskite Quantum Dots

Read our paper on the determination of Optical Constants of Ligand-free Organic Lead Halide in Nanoscale.

Transparent phosphors stacks bring versatile afterglow

Read our paper on a novel sol-gel route to obtain transparent persistent thin films featuring unique time-dependent afterglow chromaticity in Advanced Photonics Research.

Scaffold stabilized black-phase CsPbI3

Nanocrystals & devices: Read our paper on the synthesis of CsPbI3 QDs within a silica nanoporous scaffold that enables the control of their optical properties and their implementation into optoelectronic devices in...