Our group is involved in several projects with industrial partners that have led to the establishment of new technology based companies in the fields of energy generation and storage and novel optical materials.

Energy generation and storage

After a series of successful privately and publicly funded R&D projects, the company Bluesolar Technologies, participated by Prof. Míguez and former group members, is currently building the first plant in which photovoltaic and thermosolar technologies are hybridized. Key to this development is the optimized design of a solar filter capable of transmitting the photon energies absorbed by the solar cell modules while reflecting the rest of wavelengths to the concentrated solar power tower. The achievements of Bluesolar have been acknowledged by CDTI as a success case, see the video highlighting this technology.  

Detail of the photovoltaic heliostat that allows the hybridization of PV and CSP technologies

Dye solar cells

Former contracts and patent licensing with the Swedish company Nanologica AB, led to the spin-off of Exeger, world leader in the development and device integration of dye-solar cells.

Tunable optical coatings

Before joining CSIC, during his postdoctoral stay in Canada, the intellectual property generated by Prof. Míguez, along with other co-inventors, led to the foundation of Opalux Inc., a spin-off of the University of Toronto that develops novel color tunable optical coatings adaptable to a wide range of surfaces and applications.